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The Meyer Lemon tree in our back yard has always intrigued me because it holds both green lemons and yellow lemons, as well as new buds. This picture shows two green lemons growing next to the ripe yellow lemons ready for picking. Interestingly in the background of the photo, you will also notice new buds blooming.      

God often speaks to me when I am in the garden or in nature. I am reminded again today that we are constantly growing. We are like a fresh new bud in the early stage of our spiritual life. At other times, we grow for a while but we are still green and not yet ripe. Later, we are ripe and ready to share the fruit of the Spirit with others along the way.

Where there is light, there is growth. No matter where you may be on the spiritual journey, look up at the light. You may be new or have been growing faithfully in your spiritual life for some time now. Perhaps you are ready to share the fruit of God’s Spirit today. It doesn't matter. Like the lemon tree, we are all constantly growing toward the fullness of God’s light and there is fruit in our growth.

May you continue to grow in God's light.

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