Many, who are drawn to Debi, discover they are seekers of the meaning of spirit or seekers who aren’t sure about God and Jesus. She also serves those who have left the church and may have Jesus confused with “church.” In addition, she listens to those who have a long-standing, ever evolving relationship with the Lord, who said yes to Jesus and have grown up in the faith and grown into their own. She welcomes people who don’t believe at all, but still have questions about faith and God. Debi often uses humor in partnership with her depth of faith to encourage and support those who identify their faith in terms not found in a seminary. If you have ever felt judged by the church or “Christians” and are hesitant to have a relationship with organized religion, Debi may be a great fit for you as your Spiritual Director. 

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Joy Retreats

Debi and her crew, "The SonnySide Gang" provide  light-hearted, joyful, Spirit-filled  weekend of song, comedy, laughter, spirt arts and fellowship that puts the word retreat back into your retreat.  This is not a working retreat, but a weekend of love and laughter.  Balanced with morning devotions and evening meditations, you will come to understand the importance of joy and laughter in your life.

Covid-19 has kept us from scheduling a retreat in 2020 and 2021.  You can find more information at www.sonnysidegang.com or email Debi at sonnysidejoygang@gmail.com. 

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Video Blog

Late in 2019, Debi was moved to create both a light-hearted and serious way of bringing people some respite from the on-going political and negative rhetoric of TV shows, news and blogs.  Inspired by many personal heroes, Erma Bombeck, Lucy, Marjorie Holmes, Carol Burnett, Peg Bracken and Mr. Rogers, Debi decided to combine those heroes with some of her personal heroes to create Nettie Fitzenpitley, a comedic minister with a flare for both the hilarious and the contemplative.  You can find Nettie's video blog at www.momentswithnettie and her weekly podcast at SermoNetties.


Spirit in the Arts Retreat Center

Spirit in the Arts Retreat Center, located on Devil's Lake, in Lincoln City, Oregon,  has been simmering on a back burner since its inception over 2 years ago, but is now open to vaccinated small groups.


As an artist and a Group Spiritual Director, Debi leads small groups in contemplative reflection using all sorts of art expressions and facilitates meditations by providing art projects, prayer and music in 2 day weekend retreats or 1/2 day and full day workshops.

Covid-19 has kept us from providing any retreats during 2020 and 2021.until now.  Go to www.spiritinthearts.com to find out more information.