David's Story

 I was a normal teenager - angry & suspicious.  Thinking about females, constantly.  My parents were both English teachers, one in college, one in high school.  In high school I was taking two programs, one in college prep, the other in electronics.  A generous school principal helped me arrange for that.

David Burnet

At 17 years I was working in an ocean resort, living on my own when I spotted a man making pictures on paper on an easel, using chalk.  He was drawing interesting pictures and talking about them.  He talked about, and introduced me to Jesus.


What he was saying, I knew on the inside that God was confirming.  He was saying what God had to say.  I became a Christian, repenting was the hardest thing I may have done in my life, up to that point.


Holy Spirit was literally being my Spiritual Director. I'd been helped many times before becoming a Christian, as Holy Spirit warned me of circumstances and sometimes particular people.  Which kept me out of a lot of trouble that others too easily got into.  I had no idea how blessed I was.


When I walked away from the chalk artist as a new Christian, I found myself loving everyone - old, young, male or female.  With the generous, God kind of love - agape.  When I went to meet that man I was only interested in young women ignoring everyone else.  My interest was...that of a healthy 17 year old in the U.S. at the time.  It took me some years before I had any idea about what this miracle was about.


And then I went on to college.  I was socially maturing, and became very popular with the ladies, which attracted a lot of guys.  We spent time together playing Nerf football, chess, bridge, and such.  A large group that knew each other.


Finally I noticed one particular young lady, who I sometimes watched Star Trek with in the Student Lounge.  One day, when entering that part of the Student Center, I suddenly knew and heard, wordlessly, that she was the one.  It took me a while, but I understood that message that had the Presence of God with it.  God had just introduced me to my future wife, who turns out to still be my best friend.


I did a stint in the Army, leaving after a year as a conscientious objector - I would not kill in a war.  Got an Honorable Discharge, and went home.


Married at a Quaker Meeting.


Worked at a runaway house for a year and a half, then at a drug abstinence place.  Doing counseling, making treatment plan recommendations.  An interesting education.


Later I cooked for a while, a great second kind of work to have if I ever needed it - cooks are always needed.


I taught physical education for ten years, I thought this would help me stay fit and teach - which I something I love.  My students and the school taught me much, including about listening and how to speak clearly and well.  How to connect.  (I seldom used a whistle to stop students, I usually sang a short phrase, "Stop and listen...."  Which worked wonderfully well, and was, I felt, more respectful.


And they taught me how to speak to people of a variety of different ages.  Tone patterns, inflection, word usage, and so forth. Amazing, what they helped me learn.


After ten years, I opened my own business, initially planning to help people learn how to use the very practical, easy and efficient methods in brief therapy - only applied to what everyday people wanted to accomplish.  It turns out that I attracted a lot of psychologists, and teaching them - they were interested.


It turns out that the particular psychologists who I attracted with free public talks wanted to not only learn about brief therapy methods, but they also wanted to go into private practice and stop working for large institutions.  It turns out that I was wonderfully good at helping them this way.  Gifted, even.  Who could have guessed such a thing?


Eventually I ended up coaching people who wanted to open small businesses, turns out I have a gift for such things.  My clients taught me how to listen and be useful to them, to help.  After a while, many wanted help to experience their own spiritual traditions.  Most were Christians, some otherwise.


My friends and clients helped me to finally understand that I had a gift for helping people experience things, including spiritual things.  It was easy for me, and the people I worked with taught me well.  I was, and continue to be, an eager learner.


I retired and moved to Panama, yes, the country. I live in the highlands, where the temperatures are cool and the people are warm.  With my wife, my best friend, and three large dogs.


I meet people locally and via computer, as far away as China.


My heart is to help people hear God for themselves, and to have great "conversations". To help people actually experience the Good News of the Kingdom of God - which too few people know what it is, actually.  To help people experience Jesus for themselves. 


Most people, when actually experiencing a connection with Jesus, experience the Holy. In the context of the experience of the Holy, wholeness is easy to experience.  In the context of wholeness, healing is easier.  I still love assisting people to learn how to experience such things for themselves.


How about you?  Does any of this interest you?  If so, that may be a good indication that we should meet and talk.  Have one or more good conversations.  See how good a match we are for each other.  If a good match, we should continue.  If we are not a good match, it's likely best that you continue to seek until you find someone who is a good match for you.   If I have any sense who that might be, I'll be glad to help arrange for an introduction.