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Thank you for your interest in Spiritual Direction. We endeavor to become “listeners” through the seasons of your life journey. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to bring those to our attentionIf you choose to begin your Spiritual Direction process with us, welcome to the journey!  May our God and creator of seasons be with you always.  We invite you to get to know us by linking to our personal pages here. 

If you are new to the ministry of Spiritual Direction, you may want to read more about Spiritual Direction on the website for Spiritual Directors International. 

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Spiritual Direction is not counseling. If we are serving as your spiritual director and we sense that you may need counseling, we will suggest that option. Spiritual Direction focuses on your spiritual life, although some areas in a counseling session may overlap. For more information on the difference between counseling and spiritual direction, please click here.

Your spiritual growth and safety is our highest priority. Everything you share with us is confidential unless you are hurting yourself, someone is hurting you, or you have thoughts of hurting someone else. We are mandated reporters and are required to report that information. 

if you are currently meeting with a Spiritual Director, we will not overstep that sacred relationship. Please do not reach out to us to “check” something your current Spiritual Director has said or if you have met a wall of resistance in your direction process. Take your confusion, question or concern back to your Spiritual Director. By doing so, you will deepen both your Spiritual Direction process and personal growth. We would be remiss in our ministry as well as out of line with our code of ethics to cross that sacred boundary. 

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