Dramatic Miracles

BY David Burnet 

I’ve seen people healed and set free.  (None risen from the dead, yet - I was not fit when I tried.  Never met a leper nor have I been asked to pray for one.)

The healings I’ve seen have often been gradual, or of seemingly smaller conditions like aches and pain.

I’ve not seen dramatic miracles.  No drama.  I kind of like that because I have been afraid of what I might become.  The lack of dramatic miracles is also is a source of disappointment.

I have a new clue I’m chasing.  The usual suspects:
Lack of faith
Failure to ask (I have forgotten to ask far too often) and 

Lack of readiness to receive are not, I suspect, continuing issues.  At least not so much as before.

But I’ve been studying Jesus.  And I’ve got a new clue that I’ve begun to chase.  I may be onto something useful.

Jesus was full of surprises, often doing the unexpected.  Both in his storytelling, his lack of explanation before working a miracle, and even during his miracle-making.  

To have a “big” miracle means, at least in my life, that a risk must be taken.  I’ve too often been too afraid of risk-taking.
I like my comfort!  I like to live in comfort and part of me has feared taking risks.

Yet I’ve taken risks, big risks, at times.  Even done some risk-taking in good and appropriate ways.  So it’s possible, even for me.

Unexpected times and places - the liminal.  Doorways.  Thresholds or at boundaries.  Definitely not the routine and expected.  This is when Jesus did his miracles.  And he told his parables and stories in often unexpected ways.

So I wonder.  What may be learned from this?  To look beyond the expected?  To do what seems risky?  To be on the edge of boundaries?  To tell stories and do things that surprise?

Yes!  I think so.

So I need to explore and experiment.

Maybe you do, too.

Let’s give that a try.  See what we can discover.  Share our results and what we learn.