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God's Provision for you...

Updated: May 18, 2020

God's Provision for you includes: Finances, Relationships, Ministering Grace Where You Are

God wants to give you a lot!  Great blessings of financial provision, wonderful relationships, in fact - in every area of your life.  Including sharing Grace in your sphere of influence.

How does this happen?  What conditions to you meet for this to happen in a wonderful and ongoing way?  It's simple: just do what God says to do.

It can be wonderful or hard to read Dt. 28 about the blessings and curses.   Maybe it's wise for us to consider this said in a more modern way.

The law is simple: it's what God says to do.

Curses are simple: it's the side effect of not doing what God says to do.

Let's get curses out of the way, first.  It's not because God is mean!  Not at all!!  When a child grabs something hot on the stove when told not to, nobody cursed him - the child simply experiences the side effects, the built in danger of not heeding a warning.  God warns us, and in strong ways -- telling us it is dangerous for us to not do what God says.  That simple.

Doing what God says brings blessings of every good kind that can be thought of.  Being blessed is also a side effect - in this case, of doing what God says to do.

So it's simple, but it sure sometimes seems all too much like it's not easy.  Why?  Well, first, we need to hear clearly what God says to do.  Then understand and expect and have faith in the blessings which come with doing what God says. do we hear God?  How do we hear God better and with more certainty?  Like so many things, with good help.

I once took flying lessons.  My first instructor wanted me to take sharp turns I was not ready for and that I thought would cause me to throw up.  My second instructor was more a friend.  Identified with me and helped link me to the airplane, helped link me to flying.

I found myself easily and happily daring to do things I was before afraid to do.  Things I thought too hard and too much beyond me and what I was ready for.

A friend linked me to the plane and to flying.  Someone with empathy, care and deep knowledge of both flying and how to learn to fly

Jesus is and wants to be that kind of friend to you.  A real person who  conveys deep love, safety, knowledge, and huge authority.  It's much easier to trust a person like this.

How do you connect with someone like that?  Thankfully, there are many good ways.  One such good way is with a person who understands, cares, and who has and conveys the deep love and authority of God to us.  A spiritual director or spiritual friend.

Discover this for yourself.  Search, consider people actively. Begin to get to know someone who may be able to help this way - you'll know inside if they do.

When I seek a new dentist or doctor, I want to shake their hand.  Doesn't take long.  I'm finding out and experiencing for myself what kind of person they are.  Technical knowledge is important - that's authority.  Real authority.  So is care, real care.  I want more than a good technician - I want someone who is, inside, a healer.  I can feel and sense that during a handshake.

You can sense what kind of person a potential spiritual director or friend is for you.

And when they help you experience the authority and love of God -  I believe you've found someone who can help and who will be helpful.

The love and authority of God are strong.  You'll know when you experience such as this.  You'll know on the inside.  And this is what a spiritual director or friend will help you with - in the context of your life, struggles, your life contexts or situations, and your questions.

God wants you to have all the good help you need.  You are already positioned to be blessed in these ways.  That's a mighty fine start!

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