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Creating Space for God

I’ve taken a decluttering journey for the past two months. I will admit I am going slowly. That’s okay. I am giving myself a breath of time. I’m finding more time for God, family and Sabbath rest as I let go of the stuff that chokes my personal space and time,

Jesus said, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28 (NIV) I don’t know about you, but social media has become (for me) an exhausting endeavor. I would say FaceBook bordered on addiction. I was burdened, tired and mentally exhausted. I finally had to let go. (A work in progress as I write this post.) I know how easy (and tempting) it is to allow technology and social media to suck us unto the vortex of wasted time.

Recently I presented a talk on the topic of prayer for the National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs. I shared the importance of letting go of everything else when we enter into God’s Holy Presence through prayer. I emphasized that prayer is not something we do—prayer is a relationship. In fact, it is the most important relationship I will ever have. If I genuinely hold that relationship as my highest priority, then I need to create the space (and time) for God.

Creating space and time for God means, I can’t allow distractions from social media or apps on my phone or respond to a text or email. I don’t even want to pick up my phone (as tempting as that might be) before I give praise and glory to my Lord for our love relationship. I don’t want to start thinking about my list of things to do or what I want to pick up at the grocery store or the next article for my blog. Nope! Plain and simple—I want to set aside the time for God. If my life is filled with things of the world, my space for God will soon be muddled with the stuff (aka clutter) of everyday life. God deserves better than that from me. I want to be intentional about creating space for my relationship with God (Prayer.)

The Spiritual Directors at Holy Listening are intentional about helping you create space and time for God too. Are you overwhelmed and carrying a heavy load or longing for a deeper, more life-giving relationship with God? Let us know. Meet our Spiritual Directors and learn more about how you can benefit from walking with a spiritual companion on your journey. Who knows? You might even find a friend to help you pick up your clutter.

Blessings on your relationship with God

Spiritual Director, Holy Listening

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