meet our spiritual directors

We want you to feel at ease and comfortable with the best spiritual director for you. True companionship works best when one is comfortable with the other.

The spiritual direction relationship is at the outset, a time to get to know each other. Each director and directee will use early sessions to discern with God whether you are a good fit for one another. If so, you may choose to make a more formal commitment and agree to travel the spiritual direction path together. 

We will be happy to refer you to other members of our team if the discernment process confirms that another spiritual director would be a better fit for you. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us here. 

Sacred the calling

Awesome indeed the entrustment.

 Tending the Holy.

Tending the Holy.

Cindy Burger is a spiritual director, author and founder of a Christian homeless ministry. She completed her training in 2000 from the Spiritual Director’s Institute at the Mercy Center in Burlingame, California. She has a deep compassion for those who struggle. She has personal and professional experience in helping individuals who struggle with homelessness, all forms of abuse and walking with directees on their healing life journeys. Today, her most treasured title is “Grandma.” She adores her three adult children and four precious granddaughters. Cindy and her husband live in California where they serve as “staff” for their large Maine Coon cat. 


My business and coaching clients taught me how to listen and be useful to them, to help.  After a while, many wanted help to experience their own spiritual traditions.  Most were Christians, some otherwise.


My friends and clients helped me to finally understand that I had a gift for helping people experience things, including spiritual things.  It was easy for me, and the people I worked with taught me well.  I was, and continue to be, an eager learner.


I retired and moved to Panama, yes, the country. I live in the highlands, where the temperatures are cool and the people are warm.  With my wife, my best friend, and three large dogs.

I meet people locally and via computer, as far away as China.


My heart is to help people hear God for themselves, and to have great "conversations". To help people actually experience the Good News of the Kingdom of God - which too few people know what it is, actually.  To help people experience Jesus for themselves. 


Most people, when actually experiencing a connection with Jesus, experience the Holy. In the context of the experience of the Holy, wholeness is easy to experience.  In the context of wholeness, healing is easier.  I still love assisting people to learn how to experience such things for themselves.


How about you?  Does any of this interest you?  If so, that may be a good indication that we should meet and talk.  Have one or more good conversations.  See how good a match we are for each other.  If a good match, we should continue.  If we are not a good match, it's likely best that you continue to seek until you find someone who is a good match for you.   If I have any sense who that might be, I'll be glad to help arrange for an introduction. 

Called into the ministry of healing and wholeness in 1998. Debi chose the art of Spiritual Direction as the foundation for her ministry.  She graduated from a two year program from the Bread of Life Center in 2002 and continued on for a certification in Group Spiritual Direction at Sisters of Mercy, Burlingame. Debi is a Certified Lay Minister (CLayM) in the United Methodist Church.  She also participated in a 4-day introductory training in Contemplative Dialogue/Mindful Engagement. She is currently in a training course for Therapeutic Art - Life coaching.


Debi has studied intuitive healing and believes that healing requires an alignment of body, mind and spirit. Recognizing the diversity of the movement of spirit, Debi welcomes people of all faiths and practices.

She is a multimedia artist, specializing in stained glass mosaic and a musician. She is the founder and Director of “The SonnySide Gang," a Christian Comedy troupe that provides weekend Joy Retreats -- spirit led weekends combining joyful renewal with both humor and contemplative meditation.


As an artist, Debi recognizes the special connection that occurs between an artist and the Spirit. She offers guided sessions incorporating art and/or music. 


Debi has recently opened the Spirit in the Arts Retreat Center in Lincoln City Oregon.


Parenting a blended family of six amazing children, and being Nana & Papa to 5 beautiful grand children is Debi and her husband John’s greatest testament to love. Debi and John spend their spare time dining on their “lake on the ocean” in their beloved D’Light Boat.