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Meet Our Spiritual Directors

We want you to feel at ease and comfortable with the best spiritual director for you. True companionship works best when one is comfortable with the other.

We will be happy to refer you to other members of our team if the discernment process confirms that another spiritual director would be a better fit for you. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us here. 

Each Spiritual Director at Holy Listening brings a unique set of gifts, skills, and life experience to our team. You may wonder who might be the best fit for you on your spiritual journey. 

Sacred the calling

Awesome indeed the entrustment.

 Tending the Holy.

Tending the Holy.

Cindy-Square headshot-caption.jpg

Cindy has personal and professional experience ministering to people with emotional, physical, and spiritual wounds. Her experience as a Spiritual Director to individuals struggling with homelessness helps her see Jesus in those who are most vulnerable in our society. She works best with individuals who want to grow in their relationship with Christ and value scripture and the discernment process in following God’s direction for their lives. If you are a survivor of any form of abuse and feel as though you have lost connection with God through pain and suffering, or you want to leave the “old life of victim” and embrace “new life as a thriving child of God,” Cindy would make a great Spiritual Director for you.

David Burnet-Square headshot-caption.jpg

Disciple-making is close to David’s heart, and he has a charism for people who value learning and growing. Integrity is essential as a foundation, not perfection. A willingness to embrace mutual generosity is often a characteristic of those who select David as their Spiritual Director. He has both studied and written about spiritual gifts and healing. People who value the prophetic or have an interest in the prophetic learn and grow with David in Spiritual Direction. He is especially willing to heavily invest in people who want to learn to minister more like Jesus. If you want to grow in your spiritual gifts, deepen your commitment to Jesus, and have a desire to minister as Jesus ministers, then David would be a great fit for you as your Spiritual Director.

Debi Flory-Square headshot-caption.jpg

Many, who are drawn to Debi, discover they are seekers of the meaning of spirit or seekers who aren’t sure about God and Jesus. She also serves those who have left the church and may have Jesus confused with “church.” In addition, she listens to those who have a long-standing, ever evolving relationship with the Lord, who said yes to Jesus and have grown up in the faith and grown into their own. She welcomes people who don’t believe at all, but still have questions about faith and God. Debi often uses humor in partnership with her depth of faith to encourage and support those who identify their faith in terms not found in a seminary. If you have ever felt judged by the church or “Christians” and are hesitant to have a relationship with organized religion, Debi may be a great fit for you as your Spiritual Director. 

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