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Companions on the journey to wholeness

Like seasons of the year, we each experience seasons in our spiritual life. Sometimes we find ourselves in the midst of the dry, barren wilderness of our soul and spirit. With repetition, colorful leaves turn brown and fall to the earth as we let go of that which no longer holds life. We move from barren, cold emptiness to the richness of new bloom. Out of the depths, we rise toward what fills us, creating the abundance of new growth.


As Spiritual Directors, we are here to walk with you through the seasons of your life. 


I had Never Seen a Pastor Cry 

By David Burnet

John, a revered yet aging Pastor, was crying in the parking lot. It was the end of the day and nearly everyone had left. The parking lot was nearly empty, the smell of car fumes fading in the closing early evening light. I had just finished sweeping and was headed home.

And, I had never seen a grown man cry like this in such a public place, much less a Pastor. I was uncomfortable, embarrassed, and I had no idea what to do. And I could not look away, I was as fascinated as I was scared. No, I was more fascinated than scared.




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