Companions on the journey to wholeness

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Companions on the journey to wholeness

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Like seasons of the year, we each experience seasons in our spiritual life. Sometimes we find ourselves in the midst of the dry, barren wilderness of our soul and spirit. With repetition, colorful leaves turn brown and fall to the earth as we let go of that which no longer holds life. We move from barren, cold emptiness to the richness of new bloom. Out of the depths, we rise toward what fills us, creating the abundance of new growth.


As Spiritual Directors, we are here to walk with you through the seasons of your life. One of our favorite definitions of a Spiritual Director (aka Spiritual Companion) is from the book Companions in Christ. Author and Spiritual Director Marjorie Thompson, describes a Spiritual Director as one who “Listens the other into clarity.” That is what we offer you here at Holy Listening. We are here to “listen you into clarity.” 

The spiritual direction relationship is at the outset, a time to get to know each other. Each spiritual director and directee will use early sessions to discern with God whether you are a good fit for one another. If so, you will make a more formal commitment and agree to travel the spiritual direction path together.  

We want you to feel at ease and comfortable with the best spiritual director for you. True companionship works best when one is comfortable with the other. We will be happy to refer you to another member of our spiritual direction team if it turns out that you might fit better with another spiritual director.  


Chasing the Wild Goose

By David Burnet



This term, "Chasing the Wild Goose" has a meaning which surprised me, one I never expected.  Maybe you will be surprised at this, too.  It's about words, metaphors, meanings and different cultures.  (How many languages is the Bible translated into?)'s what I'm talking about.


Different cultures use their own cultural symbols to express things differently than we do in our own culture.


This can include expressing or teaching about Christianity.


I wonder how the story of Jesus, what he did, how and why; the Good News of the Kingdom - is said in a Chinese culture.   Or in Native American culture.  Or in Celtic culture. It is good to just wonder about such things, sometimes.  


Holy Spirit speaks to and inspires all peoples, and each "people-group".  Each and every person, too.  Using symbols and metaphors that they are familiar with.  Our brains can only use language and symbols we know.


Not all cultures come from a Judeo-Christian culture.  Ours comes from one, but these days, only a little bit.  The Bible is not as well known and read or heard being read as used to be done 70-100 years ago.  Many of us, myself included, need study Bibles that translate biblical imagery and metaphors for us.  Our present day culture has only some familiarity, not enough for most of us to understand scripture well without help.


God speaks to each and every person and culture differently.  In terms of their own experience and understanding.  How can it be otherwise?


The still, small voice of God is not really heard, but it is known and experienced.  And we "translate" or put into words what God said to us.


God told me, when I was looking at the lady who was to become my wife, "She's the one (for you)."  In still, small voice.  Not in words.  But translated into words, that's how I can best expressed what I heard and knew.  The experience of the Presence of God was very, very strong when that knowing came to me.  That was fifty years ago.  I am still surprised at her love, my love for her, and how well we get along together.  We are gifted for and towards one another.  Not surprising...God told me, "She is the one."  In still small voice, not English.  In English, though, this is what I heard.  Translated into English.  I sure am glad God told me!  I am grateful to our Lord for the gift of her in my life.