Companions on the journey to wholeness

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Companions on the journey to wholeness

Like seasons of the year, we each experience seasons in our spiritual life. Sometimes we find ourselves in the midst of the dry, barren wilderness of our soul and spirit. With repetition, colorful leaves turn brown and fall to the earth as we let go of that which no longer holds life. We move from barren, cold emptiness to the richness of new bloom. Out of the depths, we rise toward what fills us, creating the abundance of new growth.


As Spiritual Directors, we are here to walk with you through the seasons of your life. One of our favorite definitions of a Spiritual Director (aka Spiritual Companion) is from the book Companions in Christ. Author and Spiritual Director Marjorie Thompson, describes a Spiritual Director as one who “Listens the other into clarity.” That is what we offer you here at Holy Listening. We are here to “listen you into clarity.” 

The spiritual direction relationship is at the outset, a time to get to know each other. Each spiritual director and directee will use early sessions to discern with God whether you are a good fit for one another. If so, you will make a more formal commitment and agree to travel the spiritual direction path together.  

We want you to feel at ease and comfortable with the best spiritual director for you. True companionship works best when one is comfortable with the other. We will be happy to refer you to another member of our spiritual direction team if it turns out that you might fit better with another spiritual director.  


The Language of Soul
By Debi Flory

I come from pioneer stock. I know that the pioneer spirit of my 3 times great grandfather, his wife, and his brother runs deeply in me. As an adult, I learned of their wagon train stories starting in Kentucky to their settlement in Oregon, and those stories seemed to spark a note familiar to me. I felt affirmed and uplifted as I compared my life stories to theirs.

I've always had a sense of justice, compassion for those who have less and most importantly, understanding of worth for those deemed unworthy of the same God-given life we were all born into. I believe my strong sense of justice and compassion for those who struggle came from my ancestors.

My pioneer ancestors were compassionate people who, all along the trail, camped outside the wagon train and took opportunities to befriend the Native Americans when they could.

At the Sierra Nevada destination, they had a choice to go west over the Sierras or head north to a settlement at Fort Whitman in the Northwest Territory. They chose the northern route and arrived safely in Washington. The party going west over the Sierra's later became known as the Donner Party.

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